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International Fashion and Great Value

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to buy quality cashmere at great prices. During most of the year, Hong Kong prices are half of those in Europe. During sales periods, you can buy a cashmere sweater for one quarter or less of European prices. Doesn’t that sound like you can’t afford not to buy it? Most prices in the shops I recommend are comparable, unless I state otherwise.

Eric Bompard, Paris

K11 Shopping Mall, #214, Hanoi Road, TST

Tel: (852) 2369 3588, 2369 6588
Fax: (852) 2316 2802

Pearls and Cashmere

1. Peninsula Hotel Shopping Centre, Mezzanine Floor,
2. Mandarin Hotel, Mezzanine Floor, #5, Central

Tel: (852) 2525 6771
All three shops have great colour combinations.
Largest size: Up to Asian 2XL for women
(Up to 40” chest size) and up to
3XL for men (Up to 50” chest size).

The Prince’s Building, Shop M31
Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2525 5590
Gorgeous elegant cashmere dresses and tops designed by Tania Mohan and made in India.
Elegant colours, often with metallic thread trimming on sleeves, edges and around collar.
Sizes: for women only up to XL. Price: More expensive than the others (but not that expensive!)

Vica Moda

TST: Peninsula Hotel Shopping Centre and Hyatt Hotel, K11 Shopping Mall,
Central: The Landmark, Bank of East Asia Building

Tel: (852) 2723 8283
Email: A long established smart Hong Kong brand. Their styles
are classic yet more unique than in other stores. For the elegant
woman. Their largest size is 46 or 3XL.

Chinese Arts & Crafts

1. Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, (Next to Star Ferry), TST
2. Asia Standard Tower, 59 Queen’s Road Central, Central
3. China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai

Tel: (852) 2839 1188

This store always surprises me with its elegant
selection of classic styling. Large selection of styles
and colours for men and women.
Women up to 2XL; Men up to 3XL


1. Pedder Building, #605B, Central
2. Mary Building, 71-77 Peking Road,
6th Floor, TST

Tel: (852) 2501 0018
Sizing: Up to western size 2XL for women
and 3XL for men.
Website: Email:
Another long established Hong Kong brand with a long list
of return customers. Sizes up to 3XL for both men and women.
They also have a fabulous personalized service: for 10% more money, they will custom-make a garment based on your choice of colour, size or style!
Something else I like about them – they like to boast about their ‘competitive prices’! Now that is worth checking out…


Pedder Building, 4th floor, Pedder Street,
Opposite The Landmark, Central
Tel: (852) 2530 5148
Great range of sophisticated colours.
For women only

1. The Peninsula Hotel Shopping Arcade, #BW11, TST
2. Isquare Shopping Mall, Shop 206,  TST

Tel: (852) 2723 5139
Sizing: Up to western XL for women and 2XL for men.
This is a good quality shop with the usual range of cashmere fashion.


If you’re traveling through and have no time to visit all the shops, here are the best cashmere neighbourhoods…

Tsim Sha Tsui or ‘TST’

Some of the best shops in this area are located in the Peninsula Hotel Shopping Centre and the K11 shopping mall. My favourites are Eric Bompard, Pearls and Cashmere and Vica Moda . Central

The Pedder Building in Central has one classic long established cashmere shop and a few smaller ones. The best shop is Dorfit (see above). Others in the building to check out while you’re there are Fable (4th floor) and Kinu Kobo (6th floor). Also, Pearls and Cashmere in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
Stanley Market

There are quite a few shops in Stanley selling cashmere. They carry a small range of traditional cashmere styles and western sizing. Be careful though. Some shops call their garments ‘cashmere’ even when most of the fabric is synthetic. They usually come clean when you ask what percent of the garment is ‘cashmere’.

When does Cashmere go on Sale in Hong Kong?
The best time of the year to buy cashmere in Hong Kong is in the period just before Christmas: October and November. This is when shops all have their sales promotions on so prices are at their lowest. Wide Range Of Styles And Sizes For Men And Women
Most shops in the city sell cashmere wear for men, women, children and even babies. Sizes run the gamut of very small (XL) to very large (5X+), depending on the shop.

Most shops in the city sell a pure cashmere in winter and a combination of cashmere/silk/linen in summer for a lighter, breathable more comfortable garment.
All shops sell scarves, shawls and sweaters/sweater sets and these items represent the large majority of cashmere sold in Hong Kong shops. A few others sell stoles, ponchos, hats, mittens, gloves, skirts and pants.
How To Care For Your Cashmere
Nearly all shop owners recommend washing cashmere by hand with Woolite or an equivalent hand washing soap. Then lay it flat to dry. A few others recommend dry cleaning as a better way of retaining the wool’s original colour and the garment’s longevity.
Tourists, do some advance research

I’ve listed all the best shops above. If you are traveling to Hong Kong, are short of time and want to do some advance research, call or email the shops that interest you to find out more information. For example, you may give them your measurements and ask if they have your size, or you may ask if they carry a colour that you are trying to match. Emails and telephone numbers are listed below with each shop. Look up their websites to get an idea of what they carry. Keep in mind that websites show the latest season’s fashions but often don’t show the standard styles they carry year in and year out. A note about the author..

Ellen McNally is the author of the book, 'Shop in Hong Kong'. You can purchase the book on her website
This cashmere shop has a wide range of classic
fashion. The largest size is European Large.

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